wtorek, 28 września 2010

JAAS security @ WebLogic

This may be a valuable tip for anyone struggling with custom JAAS-based security on Oracle WebLogic. Apart from tiresome JPDA debugging of custom authenticators or even server's code there is one nifty feature available: debug logging.

To enable some in-depth information logging, one needs to navigate to:

Servers -> [server name] -> Debug

There are two main categories: default and weblogic. For security debugging, the latter is interesting. Typically I enable following:

  • default -> security -> DebugSecurity

  • default -> security -> realm -> DebugSecurityRealm

  • default -> security -> realm -> DebugSecurityService

With those active, your console output will be filled with lots of debug data. Picking useful information is a somewhat different story.. ;-)

poniedziałek, 27 września 2010

Inception in Java - coming soon ;)

I take that almost everyone has already seen the "Inception". Some people deem it incredibly interesting, others say it's just another action movie without any "real" depth. But I guess that there is only one person in the world, that tried to write down "Inception" script in Java 7 ;-) The name is Joseph Darcy - just take a look at his blog.
While this *may* look a bit funny, in fact it's very pretty demonstration of the new try-with-resources statement. For more details take a look at the example IO code here.