czwartek, 23 czerwca 2011

Spice up your Java with Lombok

Verbosity of Java language has been discussed for years. Almost since inception developers keen on clean and concise code were complaining about writing resource management code (lengthy if-try-catch with JDBC) or creating getters/mutators in Java beans. Simply put, Java language forces devs to write lots of boilerplate code. Some most painful spots are being addressed by language enhancements, like Automatic Resource Management (ARM) in Java 7. Yet this process is complex, cumbersome and takes time.
Is there any better (faster) relieve then? It seems there is! Presenting Project Lombok. Nice utility to speed-up development using source-code annotations. Some most useful features are as follows:
  • @Getter/@Setter - simply annotate any field to have appropriate method generated. What's more, getter can be "lazy" without any explicit locking code.
  • @Cleanup - ARM is here, no need to wait for version 7 release.
  • @NoArgsConstructor, @RequiredArgsConstructor, @AllArgsConstructor - used along with @NotNull instruct Lombok to generate appropriate constructors with arguments checking. Beautiful :)
Full list can be found here.

To entice you more, just take a look at following example:
@RequiredArgsConstructor(staticName = "of")
public class Bean {

    @NotNull @Getter private String name;
    @Getter @Setter private String value;
    @Getter @Setter private int count; 
Isn't that appealing? ;-)

niedziela, 19 czerwca 2011

Shrink your JAR

Releasing your small project / library into public? Think about shrinking it beforehand - it's always nice to save some bandwidth if possible. There is nice (free!) tool for this purpose - ProGuard. Results, as published on the web, are quite encouraging. For example Apache Ant went down to 242K from 2.4M and that's staggering 90%.
What's more, ProGuard can do more that mere shrinking. Dead code listing (optimization) and obfuscation all come bundled.
To sum up, one quick run of this handy tool can make your release smaller and less prone to reverse-engineering. Give it a try!