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Hazelcast - CLI access

Ever wondered how to quickly take a peek into your Hazelcast structures, for example on a UAT / CIT environment? Look no further! :-) I've recently had a similar task. Debugging an issue on a test environment I reckoned it might be caused by a faulty data in the Hazelcast cluster. Fortunately we can use what comes with a Java application using Hazelcast (in a client mode) - class ClientTestApp.

First of all we're going to need two Hazelcast JARs (here - version 3.2.5):

  • hazelcast-client-3.2.5.jar
  • hazelcast-3.2.5.jar

Both JARs should be copied into empty directory, let's call it "lib" for this demo purposes. Next, a shell script used to run the test app needs to be created:

In order to have the client connect with your cluster, a configuration needs to be provided as well. The file needs to be named hazelcast-client.xml and reside in the same directory as the run.sh script. Sample content looks as follows:

After running the client, you should get a Hazelcast console able to query / manage the cluster. Full manual of the CLI is here: http://docs.hazelcast.org/docs/2.3/manual/html/ch17s09.html

Enjoy querying your data! 

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